Summer Menù 2020


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To Begin
Marinated Sea bass carpaccio with pink grapefruit, pumpkin seeds and crispy squid ink € 12,00
Steamed calamari and pink shrimps with avocado, melon and mint oil € 10,00
Stuffed mullet with crispy culatello ham, carrot cream and sweet onion € 12,00
36 months Riserva knife-cut local Raw Ham and Selection of local cold cuts and pecorino cheese € 14,00
Veal tartar with crispy egg and anchovy mayo € 13,00
Salty Cappuccino: season vegetables cream, Parmigiano cheese foam and black truffle €10,00

Dry and Egg Pasta
Verrigni Spaghetti with mantis shrimp, courgette flowers and citrus powder € 14,00
Maccheroncini di Campofilone (typical long thin egg pasta of Marche) with gournard, mantis shrimp and clams € 13,00
Eggpasta with Portonovo Mussels, pea purè with marjoram and roasted tomatoes € 12,00
Hand made Pappardelle with duck ragù, orange flakes and taggiasche olives patè € 13,00
Verrigni short cut pasta cooked “in Porchetta” with pork and wild fennel € 12,00
Hand made ravioli stuffed with burrata soft cheese and caramelized onion, tomatoes and dried herbs pesto €14,00

Spaghetti pasta creamed in the parmesan cheese form with black pepper and creespy bacon € 15,00

Second Dishes
Steamed salmon with seared vegetables, sour cream and salmon eggs € 18,00
Fish of the day – grilled SQ
Fish and seafood mix stewed in light tomato sauce with toasted bread SQ
Black Angus steak slices with smoked salt and rosemary oil € 17,00
Slowly cooked duck-breast with truffle potatoes and cooked wine dressing € 18,00
Saddle of lamb with pistachio crust, cooking sauce and vegetables €18,00

Vegetarian - Vegan
Soup of the day € 8,00
Wholemeal Penne pasta with green tomato and toasted almonds € 10,00
Veggie burger € 10,00
Breaded Veggie cutlet € 10,00
Fried or Roasted potatoes € 4,00
Fresh green o mix salad € 4,00
Season vegetables € 5,00
Mixed salad with tuna, corn and mozzarella € 10,00