Autumn - Winter 2022 Menù


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To Begin

From the Sea

Amberjack Mousse, with Burrata Cheese, crunchy Bread and yellow tomato cream € 12,00
Gratin Cockles with herbs bread crumbs and Pomegranade seeds € 12,00
Pumpkin soup with Prawns, Chestnuts and Amaretti € 12,00

From the Land

Local Row ham with Burrata cheese and Berries powder € 12,00
Sibillini Pecorino Cheese Terrine with autumn Vegetables € 12,00
Veal with Tuna sauce, Citruses and Caper fruit €12,00

First Courses

From the Sea

Violet Potatoes Gnocchi with Cockles and asparagus € 14,00
Chitarrine pasta with Shellfish € 14,00
Pacchero pasta with big Prawns, Porcini Mushroom and Chestnuts € 14,00

From the Land

Rigatone Pasta wiith knife-cut fillet, Pachino tomatoes, Arugula and grana flakes € 14,00
Special Pasta "Fregnacce" with Marche traditional ragù € 14,00
Verrigni Spaghettone Cheese and Pepper with crispy bacon €15,00

Second Dishes

From the Sea

Grilled Calamari with Pistachios cream and Grilled Radicchio € 18,00
Baked Tuna with tumeric Zucchini and Mixed Berries €18,00
Fish of the day (grilled or baked) €20,00

From the Land

Barbeque Cockerel with Chicory and Ricotta with black truffle € 18,00
Black Angus Omaha tagliata with smoked salt and rosemary € 20,00
Black Angus Arrosticini with Chips and Sauces €18,00

Grilled or boiled Vegetables € 4,00
Roasted potatoes € 4,00
Salad - Mixed or Green € 10,00

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