LPG - slimming treatment

Offers treatments with LPG equipment

The new frontier of Beauty
Last generation equipment LPG, guarantees the most 'recent technical and LIPOMASSAGE Endermolift, treatment
body and face high precision.
Endermolift is the only technique that scientifically demonstrated an increase in the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+ 80%).

With only one treatment, endermologie stimulates the cells of slenderness (adipocytes) to reactivate the natural elimination of fatty deposits, even the most resistant to exercise and diets.

It activates the circulation, acts on the water retention and drains the toxins, thus "reoxygenating" the skin. For a revitalizing effect and an immediate feeling of lightness. Smooths the epidermal tissues and eliminates adiposities.

Special offer:
5 sessions / treatments with the latest technology LPG at 80 € each.
10 sessions / treatments with the latest technology LPG at 70 € each.

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